Canada Council: thank you!

Calm day on the Back River

For the last year, I’ve been supported by the Canada Council for the Arts to work on my next book, which will be based on my latest project, Meet the North.

The book idea is a continuation of my previous work:

My first book, Paddlenorth, chronicles my 54-day canoe journey across Nunavut. When it came out in 2014, I knew I wanted to write more about the Arctic, and I knew why. For over a decade, I had immersed myself in the north as a paddler and wilderness guide. I had been fascinated by the vastness of the tundra and by the notion of an empty land. In this, I was like many southerners. I read the increasing number of media stories about sea ice, polar bears, climate science, resource extraction and sovereignty without absorbing one essential fact: there are four million people who live at or above the Arctic Circle. I had hardly given them a thought.

I am now two years into this three year journey around the north, and I am grateful for the Canada Council’s support. It’s time for the next chapter!

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