Jennifer Kingsley

is a journalist & storyteller who specializes in personal stories from around the world

Writer & Producer

Jennifer Kingsley is a National Geographic Explorer, the Field Correspondent for Lindblad Expeditions, an award-winning journalist, and a fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society.


Jennifer’s work is founded in courage, intuition, and creativity. She believes in the power of personal stories, and she’s traveled the world the find them. She works solo and as part of a team. Read more about Jennifer.

Meet the North

Jennifer founded this project to build cultural understanding through storytelling, and to learn about the north from the people themselves. It took her to six Arctic nations over three years. Read about Meet the North.


Paddlenorth: Adventure, Resilience, and Renewal in the Arctic Wild, Jennifer’s first book, won the National Outdoor Book Award. It’s the story of her 54-day Arctic canoeing expedition. More about Paddlenorth.

Let me tell you a story

A woman with a flower behind her ear sits beneath a banyan tree

Video release! “Meet the Marquesas” films

Stories are made to be shared, and today I am proud to share my first series of documentary films with you. “Meet the Marquesas” is here! These four short episodes focus on people we met in the Marquesas Islands of French Polynesia in 2018 and 2019. Our three-person team used a method I have come…
Young girl with headphones looks at computer screen

Explorer Classroom with National Geographic

National Geographic Education uses its global network to help Explorers from all over the world interact with students. Through live, hosted web events, we present on our work and then take questions. On April 27th, 2020, I was part of the first ever Explorer Classroom to be translated into American Sign Language (ASL). I learned…
Woman stands to her waist in turquoise ocean water

Unprecedented, yes and no

I wrote my friend Poemoana Teri’inohora’i in Tahiti the other day. Because of Covid-19, I will not see her this year, and I was feeling sad. She replied: “What a sad illness, and I hope it won’t be a repeat of the diseases suffered by our islands in centuries past.” (see below for her original…
Map book of the world rests on the floor, open to the South Pacific pages.

Pacific Stories: films in process

Since we first visited French Polynesia and the Marquesas Islands in 2018, we’ve been working on a series of films to share some of the personal stories that people shared with us. The series is taking shape, so here’s a summary of the episodes we are working on … Overview: This series delves into Marquesan…
Jennifer Kingsley stands on stage

Live with Jennifer Kingsley

I love telling stories on stage, to camera, or live for web-based events. Stories are made to be shared, and presenting is one of my favourite ways to bring them to life. I always make time for new bookings. I’ve presented at several live and web-based events with the National Geographic Society and National Geographic…
A little girl dances during a celebration.

Hapatoni and the culture of welcome

We first visited the community of Hapatoni, on the island of Tahuata, aboard a ship called the National Geographic Orion. The village has a population of about 100 people, and many people of all ages took part in welcoming our vessel. This place made an immediate impression on me, and I resolved to return later…