My first book, Paddlenorth, shipped from the printer late last week, which means it is on its way to stores across Canada, and it will be in the U.S. a bit later in the fall. The official publication date is September 13, 2014 in Canada and October 14 in the U.S.

You can still pre-order it, and I would love it if you did. Soon, I’ll post on 5 Ways You Can Help the Authors You Love, and pre-ordering the book is a BIG one. The funny thing is, if you order it now you might get a copy before I do. So you can tell me how it looks.

To order in Canada, click here, and for more details on ordering, visit the book page. 

Get my book before I do?

I am headed to Kugluktuk tomorrow at the mouth of the Coppermine River north of the Arctic Circle. I’m joining the National Geographic Explorer, where I will talk about expedition paddling and Paddlenorth. I might have to do that without any copies of the book . . . because you can’t get books to Kugluktuk from Winnipeg in 4 days or less.

Luckily, I’ve got Andrea at Greystone Books who explored express air shipping ($350/box), cargo flights (too slow), DHL to the Kugluktuk Airport (too slow) and passenger pigeons (extinct, damn). We’re hoping a few copies will arrive at my friend’s doorstep in Edmonton sometime today.