Hakai magazine: Frozen Ocean

An iceberg above and below water

I enjoyed working with the team at Hakai magazine on this story “Frozen Ocean: A photographic primer on the dynamics of marine ice.”

It was a refreshing reminder that some media organizations still dig deep into every story with structural edits, fact checking, and copy editing. The editors went through every detail of this story for clarity and accuracy. I hope you’ll enjoy the result. Ice is fascinating.

“In the era of climate change, ice is a hot topic. It makes headlines for calving, drifting, and melting in the polar regions at alarming rates. But what is marine ice exactly?

The ocean’s ice comes from either the atmosphere or the sea itself. Glacial ice (which can cover vast areas, including Antarctica) originates from precipitation, while sea ice (also vast, depending on the season) forms when the ocean freezes.

Ice dominates both polar regions but in different ways. The Arctic is a frozen ocean surrounded by land. Antarctica, by contrast, is a frozen landmass surrounded by ocean.”

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