Agonizing over packing

A view of some mountains in French Polynesia.

Preparation means packing. I’m away from home five months per year, and I’m still terrible at packing. Especially when I’ve spent the last three years working in the Arctic and now … heat!!

I have agonized over sunscreen (reef safe), sun hats (tourist alert), rash guards (new for me), and bathing suits (ugh). I’ve finally got it all in a bag which I know will be larger than Eric’s. He’s our project photographer and even though he has plenty of camera gear while I only have a notebook and pencil, he always has less luggage than me. Admirable and annoying.

You see? Exploration is sometimes about the little things.

Aside from packing, I prepared for this journey by choosing an amazing team. These guys have got my back. But before we really get rolling, I will spend a few days in Pape’ete on my own, looking for our first connection.

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