France wins the World Cup

A crowd watches the world cup on a bar patio.

The final game of the 2018 FIFA world cup started very early in the Marquesas, whose time zone is 11.5 hours behind most of Europe. It was still dark when we arrived, but a mix of local residents and visiting yacht owners (mostly French) were already seated in the community hall.


A woman watches a world cup game from the inside of a bar while the bartender makes drinks.
Photo by Eric Guth

Despite the distance between France and the Marquesas, people didn’t seem to have any trouble getting hold of team swag.

As the televisions broadcast the game, many people ordered breakfast to eat while they watched.


Two men watch a World Cup match from a restaurant patio
Photo by Eric Guth

Here, the Marquesan flag also displays the menu. A breakfast plate came with local lobster, raw tuna with coconut milk, chitons in their shell, and a crêpe–the same blend of Marquesan and French culture we experienced by watching the game.

I wondered how people would react to seeing their colonizing country at the World Cup, but for those who came out to watch, it appeared to be a day of pure joy. Especially with the winning goal!


A crowd cheers as they watch a world cup game.
Photo by Eric Guth


Local children play soccer outside while other children watch.
Photo by Eric Guth


A family holds up a French flag and cheers.
Photo by Eric Guth

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