Arctic Audio Souvenirs

Memories have different triggers, and I find audio clips bring me back to a moment more fully than photos or video. I think it’s because audio holds the details and the atmosphere, but still relies on the mind’s eye to recall the experience.

When I watch a video, I imagine the lives of the people on screen, but with audio I imagine myself on the scene, sharing the experience.

Here are some sounds from the the High Arctic to help you imagine the place. Some of this sound will be used in an upcoming audio essay I created for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s program, Radiotonic.

All clips are less than 30 seconds.

#1 Standing as a bear guard on Beechey Island where the wooden gravestones of Franklin’s men stand out on the beach


#2 Radio chatter when we sight a polar bear


#3 Inuit guide, Kisa Audlakiak, introduces me to some hunter friends from Pond Inlet


#4 On the deck of the Canadian Coast Guard Icebreaker, the Pierre Radisson, amazed by the ice we are blasting through


#5 The sound of ice breaking from inside the hull of the Pierre Radisson


#6 Throat singing by two women from Cape Dorset

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