This project is all about people. We are a committed team, and we consider each person we meet along the way to be an essential piece of the story. There is no telling which connections will spark the next chapter of the journey. Here you can meet the collaborators lending their talents to this work.

Project lead

Jennifer Kingsley

Jennifer Kingsley smiles in her winter gear.Jennifer is a journalist and storyteller who specializes in modern culture around the world. She is the Field Correspondent for Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic and a National Geographic Explorer …¬†read more


Matt Mastrantuono

Matt Mastrantuono smiles in the snow.Matt has been making films for over a decade. He directed and produced a feature film and was a writer and producer for Showtime. He has also directed films for CBS Sports, Pendleton, and Hydro Flask … read more


Eric Guth

Eric Guth in a parka on a snowmobileEric¬†is a photographer with extensive field experience in remote and polar regions. He is a naturalist with Lindblad Expeditions-National Geographic and his portraiture spans both hemispheres… read more