How to Love the Authors You Love

I’m used to life on the road, but not like this. I’m traveling, not as a wandering naturalist with wild hair and binoculars around my neck, but as an author. I’m on my book tour! I’m fortunate to have a lot of support from my community, and it gets me thinking about this:

When we love an author, how do we show it?

In other words, what are the actions we can take to support the authors we want to succeed.

I’m happy to report that there are three very simple things you can do to make a difference, and they really make a difference. Here they are:

1) Write a review. This is big! Customer reviews on Amazon, Chapters and sites like Goodreads help rank the book, get it better placement on-line and show retailers that readers are engaged. Simple, positive reviews make an impact. If you can do one thing to help my book (other than buying it), please use the links below to file a review (look for a prompt to “write a review” and click on it).

Review Paddlenorth on
Review Paddlenorth for Chapters
Review Paddlenorth for

2) Talk to a bookseller. When you go into a book store, ask about the book. Do they have it? Could they put it on the front table? Could they order it? If you’ve seen the book in the media, alert the bookseller to that too.

3) Buy the book and help sell it. Perhaps you have a book club, a class, a community group, people in your office with similar interests.

When Paddlenorth came out I got a message from a dear friend saying “I sold your book to 14 people in my office.” Yes! Other connections are looking into buying class sets, putting on a university reading list or hosting me at their book club.

Remember that with new authors every copy that gets bought gets noticed. For example, there are only a few thousand copies of Paddlenorth out there, so if we work together we can sell them out.

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