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Real Beauty Sketches?

Dove's new Real Beauty Sketches campaign is getting a lot of buzz, but whether you call it a commercial or a "compelling social experiment," I fear the real message might be in the last few seconds. If you missed them, look again.

Professor Sandu Popescu

Quantum Physics and the Culture of Possibility

I'm writing for the Centre for Nanoscience and Quantum Information in Bristol, UK this week, which means I'm learning some quantum physics. The most excellent surprise of the day was coming across Professor Sandu Popescu from the University of Bristol in an on-line video. He studies "the most fundamental aspects of quantum physics," and aside from explaining some of the basic stuff I needed to know, he left me with a precious gem of inspiration.

moss campion

Wilderness and the Imagination

It's been three years since I defended my master's in creative non-fiction writing at the University of Victoria, and since then I've done a lot more thinking about wilderness - about how it is both a real place and a construction, how it has its own essence regardless of where we find it. So on this three year anniversary of my defense, as my manuscript makes the round of publishers, I wanted to share Sherwin Arnott's analysis of my work, from 2010.

In Town and Out

CBC In Town and Out: Leonard Lee

Leonard Lee of Lee Valley Tools has many informal consultants from around the Ottawa Valley who offer product ideas. Some of these ideas end up in the Lee Valley catalogue. Meet some of Mr. Lee's creative inspirations in this story for CBC Ottawa's In Town and Out.

up here cover May 2012

up here: Arthur Moffatt

When Arthur Moffatt set off for the Barrenlands in 1955, he envisioned a land of plenty. He was plenty wrong. This story captures some of the history of the Moffatt expedition on Nunavut's Dubawnt River.

Back and Beyond

Lake Journal: Back and Beyond

Five friends and I completed a 54-day canoe expedition on Nunavut's Back River in the summer of 2005. I was ready to be tested, but I never imagined the combination of grief, beauty and disaster that would push me to the limit and leave me with a new understanding of the wild. I wrote this essay at the Banff Centre's Literary Journalism program in 2005.

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Check out some of my past work in this entry.

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