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Young girl with headphones looks at computer screen

Explorer Classroom with National Geographic

National Geographic Education uses its global network to help Explorers from all over the world interact with students. Through live, hosted...

Jennifer Kingsley stands on stage

Live with Jennifer Kingsley

I love telling stories on stage, to camera, or live for web-based events. Stories are made to be shared, and presenting...

National Geographic Russia: How women live in Chukotka

Here is a story I wrote for National Geographic Russia. This story appeared both on-line and in the printed magazine in...

Jenny spoke at a National Geographic event.

National Geographic On Campus: UVA

National Geographic ran a pilot project at the University of Virginia this month. The organizations worked together to create one day...

National Geographic: A fading culture adapts to the changing times

Here is Meet the North’s next National Geographic story. With each new border and political shift, the indigenous women of Chukotka, Russia...

Saying goodbye to the Director of Beringia National Park and about to hitch a ride with whale hunters from Lorino.

The Austin Meyer Podcast

I was invited to talk with filmmaker/photographer Austin Meyer on his storytelling podcast. We spoke about Meet the North and finding...

Reindeer in Russia's far east.

Q&A with photographer Erika Larsen

In preparation for a return to the Russian Far East this summer with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic, photographer Erika Larsen...

Letters on a table

Hello students!!

I have the honour of being part of National Geographic’s Educator-Explorer Exchange this year. My educator partner is Kelly Koller from...

Screen shot of polar bears fighting

National Geographic Exclusive Video: Polar Bear Cannibalizes Cub

Our polar bear video is now out on National Geographic. Rare footage of a male chasing, killing, and eating a cub. It's life in the Arctic, as Wade Davis says here, but viewer discretion is advised.

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