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Spirit Bear

Spirit Bears: Ooh la la!

Tim Irvin and I have spent a lot of time around bears. On several occasions, we have been lucky enough to see Spirit Bears, the rare white black bear that lives mostly on the central coast of British Columbia. Tim has been recording these encounters with this camera. Click through to see the results.

Tyler Kinnear

The Banff Centre: How to Listen with Tyler Kinnear

The first lesson I learn from musicologist Tyler Kinnear is, "Once you start listening, it's impossible to stop." Tyler has a particular listening practice, and in this story, he shares it with me.

Watermelon snow

To the Bugaboos!

Summer this year is interviews, field recorders and a dim audio editing screen punctuated by mountain exploration and adventure. It's a good mix. This week, we ventured to The Bugaboos, a group of granite spires which are a world-class climbing destination. We are not world class climbers, but we had fun anyway.

Eagle in tree

To Cameroon and Home Again

People ask me to describe the highlight of the trip, and my answer surprises me. The highlight was how I felt. In cities crammed with people and overflowing with new sound, I was shocked to find the same calm I've experienced year after year on B.C.'s central coast and in the Arctic.

Jenny with whale picture

CBC The Sunday Edition: The Whale’s Choice

October 7, 2012: In this documentary, listeners share the extraordinary experience of being nose to nose with a humpback whale in...

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