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map of Cameroon

Cameroon: First time Africa

Cameroon has nicknames like "Africa in miniature" or "All-in-One Africa." Apparently the country contains several of Africa's major biomes: savanna and desert in the north, volcanoes and beaches in the southwest and an impressive swath of equatorial rainforest in the southeast. I have three weeks to explore it.

Living Out Loud

CBC Living Out Loud: Killing the Bees

Beekeeping isn't all honey and sunshine, oh no. There are parts of the experience beekeepers don't often share. Like when you have to kill the bees and burn them. Our bees got sick, and this story of our attempts to kill them aired on CBC's Living Out Loud, February 1, 2013.

The Coastal Spectator: The Apple House

Reviewing books is giving me the opportunity to explore new writers and publishers. My review of The Apple House, by Gillian Campbell, appeared on the Coastal Spectator in January, 2013.

The Sunday Edition: CBC Radio One

The Whale’s Choice helped to kick off the New Year at the Sunday Edition. This program was originally broadcast in October...

volcanic eruption


Did you know that there are 1,500 volcanoes in the world and only about 100 volcano observatories? The eruption of Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano in 2010 left millions stranded and cost airlines an estimated €900 million.

In Town and Out

CBC In Town and Out: Leonard Lee

Leonard Lee of Lee Valley Tools has many informal consultants from around the Ottawa Valley who offer product ideas. Some of these ideas end up in the Lee Valley catalogue. Meet some of Mr. Lee's creative inspirations in this story for CBC Ottawa's In Town and Out.

Irony, meet Christmas

Sometimes readings intersect in interesting ways, like George Monbiot on Christmas and Christy Wampole on irony. If giving trashy, funny gifts,...

Interview with Leonard Lee

I just got back from an interview with Leonard Lee, founder of Lee Valley Tools. I didn’t know that he grew...

Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute

I had a call this week with Todd Hunter, birder extraordinaire. He was telling me about the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute,...

In the Field: CBC Radio One

“The Whale’s Choice” is rebroadcast on In the Field. Tuesday, November 20 and Sunday, November 25, 2012.

Jenny with whale picture

CBC The Sunday Edition: The Whale’s Choice

October 7, 2012: In this documentary, listeners share the extraordinary experience of being nose to nose with a humpback whale in...

up here: Father Joseph Buliard

Summer 2012: ‘He came and dwelt among us.’ Meet Father Joseph Buliard, a missionary whose arrival in the Garry Lake region...

Living Out Loud

CBC Living Out Loud: Almonte Clock Tower

May 18, 2012: In part one of this episode, Bells and Whistles, we hear from Ron Caron at Almonte's Clock Tower about how he restored the clock and what he hopes for its future. We also meet an apprentice who hopes, one day, to take the reins.

up here cover May 2012

up here: Arthur Moffatt

When Arthur Moffatt set off for the Barrenlands in 1955, he envisioned a land of plenty. He was plenty wrong. This story captures some of the history of the Moffatt expedition on Nunavut's Dubawnt River.

Tapestry on CBC

CBC Tapestry: Landon Coleman

This documentary style profile of singer-songwriter Landon Coleman is an exploration of faith and music. Landon Coleman may seem like another indie musician in a jean jacket, but he is bringing the good news to a bar near you.

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