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The Literary Review of Canada

The Literary Review of Canada reviews Paddlenorth and you'll learn some very neat stuff if you click through to read all about it. Details about Everest and Antarctica are folded in.

How to Love the Authors You Love

I'm used to life on the road, but not like this. I'm traveling, not as a wandering naturalist with wild hair and binoculars around my neck, but as an author. I'm happy to report that there are three very simple things you can do to make a difference for the authors you love, and they really make a difference. I list them in this post.


Globe and Mail recommends Paddlenorth

The Saturday Travel section of the Globe and Mail this week was devoted to travel books. The books editor got together with the travel editor and created a list of the best books to kickstart your wanderlust. Paddlenorth was chosen.

Home from the Arctic and Adventure

I spent the tail end of my summer in the Arctic, from Resolute Bay, up to Ellesmere Island and down to Newfoundland. On this trip, nothing went according to plan, and that was my favourite thing about it. It made me think that perhaps that's the definition of adventure - you know you've had one if it didn't turn out like you thought it would. Click through to read more.

Paddle North: Adventure resilience and renewal in the arctic wild

Paddlenorth ships out this week!

My first book, Paddlenorth, shipped from the printer late last week, which means it is on its way to stores across Canada, and it will be in the U.S. a bit later in the fall. The official publication date is September 13, 2014.

two paths in the woods

The Tip Jar: Lessons from the Writing Trade

As the publication date for my first book, Paddlenorth, approaches, people are starting to ask me what I've learned thus far in this writing business. So I've compiled a list of the top five tips I've gleaned from others that have really stuck with me. Click through to read them.

Banff Centre Radio 101.1fm

Banff Centre Radio: Take off!

On June 23, 2014 Banff Centre Radio hit the air. Congratulations to the team of hard-working, pub-going, sound-creating, question-asking producers who went above and beyond for so many days to launch Canada's most exciting new station. Bravo!

Spirit Bear

Spirit Bears: Ooh la la!

Tim Irvin and I have spent a lot of time around bears. On several occasions, we have been lucky enough to see Spirit Bears, the rare white black bear that lives mostly on the central coast of British Columbia. Tim has been recording these encounters with this camera. Click through to see the results.

Lindblad Expedition Staff

Lindblad Expeditions: The Team

It feels good to be part of a strong team, and I'm proud to be joining the Lindblad roster again. Click through to meet some interesting people from around the world.

Lake Awake illustration

Illustration Collaboration

Byron Eggenschwiler and I have collaborated again on a story for Cottage Life magazine. This time, we explore what happens when a lake awakes in spring

National Geographic Explorer

Lindblad Expeditions: Northwest Passage bound

After writing so much about the Arctic and paddling a few of its rivers, I am ready to realize a dream: "For just one time, I would take the Northwest Passage . . . " I'll be a naturalist for Lindblad Expeditions' National Geographic Explorer on a 25-day voyage from west to east through the famed passage.

Greystone Books: Paddlenorth in 2014

My book, "Paddlenorth: A Journey into the Heart of the Tundra," will be published by Greystone Books in the fall of this year. It is the story of my 54-day canoe trip on Nunavut's Back River back in 2005.

Nieman logo

Nieman Foundation recognizes “The Whale’s Choice”

In December 2013, the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard University chose "The Whale's Choice" as a top pick of the year in their "Best of Narrative" list. Click through to learn about the list and the line-up.

up here cover, December 2013

up here: The Hungriest Holiday

"During a grim yuletide on Great Slave Lake, a team of starving explorers yearn for the gift of survival." This is the story of George Back's first Christmas as commander of an Arctic expedition. Appointed by the British Admiralty, he was tasked with finding the Thlew-ee-choh, now called the Back River, and following it to the Arctic coast.

Third Coast

Third Coast: The Whale’s Choice

It's official: I have crossed the border. This is my American debut. My audio documentary, The Whale's Choice, has been picked up and featured by the Third Coast International Audio Festival. Click through to LISTEN and read my interview with Third Coast's Artistic Director, Julie Shapiro.

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