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Jenny smiles in the snow.

Women’s History Month

It was an honour to be part of Women’s History Month this year along with 30 other women who were profiled...

National Geographic Russia: How women live in Chukotka

Here is a story I wrote for National Geographic Russia. This story appeared both on-line and in the printed magazine in...

Jenny spoke at a National Geographic event.

National Geographic On Campus: UVA

National Geographic ran a pilot project at the University of Virginia this month. The organizations worked together to create one day...

National Geographic: A fading culture adapts to the changing times

Here is Meet the North’s next National Geographic story. With each new border and political shift, the indigenous women of Chukotka, Russia...

Saying goodbye to the Director of Beringia National Park and about to hitch a ride with whale hunters from Lorino.

The Austin Meyer Podcast

I was invited to talk with filmmaker/photographer Austin Meyer on his storytelling podcast. We spoke about Meet the North and finding...

Reindeer in Russia's far east.

Q&A with photographer Erika Larsen

In preparation for a return to the Russian Far East this summer with Lindblad Expeditions and National Geographic, photographer Erika Larsen...

A herd of reindeer in Russia's far east.

A word from our sponsor …

Lindblad Expeditions has been my main sponsor since 2015. Sometimes they ask Eric Guth and me to share some stories and...

Howsound: You just won’t know if you don’t ask

I talked with Rob Rosenthal of Howsound about my CBC documentary “Meet the North.” We chatted about searching out people in...

Letters on a table

Hello students!!

I have the honour of being part of National Geographic’s Educator-Explorer Exchange this year. My educator partner is Kelly Koller from...

An iceberg above and below water

Hakai magazine: Frozen Ocean

I enjoyed working with the team at Hakai magazine on this story “Frozen Ocean: A photographic primer on the dynamics of...

The Elverum family together in the living room

Gabriel Award winner

“Meet the Elverums,” a documentary that I made for CBC’s the Sunday Edition, has won first place in the Radio Documentary,...

Globe with red pin on French Polynesia

South to the South Pacific

The title says it all! This June, a new chapter of my cultural storytelling begins in French Polynesia (insert endless exclamation...

Calm day on the Back River

Canada Council: thank you!

For the last year, I've been supported by the Canada Council to work on my next book, which will be based on my latest project, Meet the North. Read a description of the new work here.

Jennifer Kingsley with mic

Lessons on listening

These are my lessons on listening from meeting new people all over the Arctic in the last 18 months. A colleague recently asked for "any thoughts, ideas, or pointers" from my experience. Here's what I came up with.

Toronto Maple Leafs amauti

BBC Travel: Iceland and Nunavut

Photographer Eric Guth and I have been working with the BBC to showcase some of the stories from Meet the North and our travels. We're happy to present these features from BBC Travel.

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