CBC Living Out Loud: Almonte Clock Tower

Living Out Loud

May 18, 2012: In part one of this episode, Bells and Whistles, we hear from Ron Caron at Almonte’s Clock Tower about how he restored the clock and what he hopes for its future. We also meet an apprentice who hopes, one day, to take the reins.

When Ron moved to Almonte, the clock had been broken for years.  Ron spent hundreds of hours brushing and scrubbing every piece of the gearing.  When something was broken, he made a replacement himself. This year, Ron turned 75, and he’s mindful that won’t be maintaining this clock forever.

This piece echoes the story that aired on In Town and Out earlier this year. Listen to this story about the Almonte Clock Tower. “Bells and Whistles” was rebroadcast on October 26 and 28, 2012.

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