Paddlenorth, by Jennifer Kingsley

Paddlenorth tells the riveting story of Jennifer Kingsley’s 54-day paddling adventure on the Back River, in the northern wilderness of the subarctic, as she and her five companions battle raging winds, impenetrable sea ice, and treacherous rapids. The perils include rising tensions among the group, but these are tempered by grizzly sightings, icy swims, and the caribou’s summer migration.

Woven through this spellbinding narrative are the harrowing accounts of earlier explorers, some of whom perished, but whose traces along the river warn us against romantic notions of the wild. Paddlenorth paints an indelible portrait of the spectacular northern landscape and eloquently explores what wilderness means to us.

“In the tradition of great exploration literature, Jennifer Kingsley examines both the wilderness she paddles through and the wilderness within. An engrossing story that illuminates the north and the nature of friendship.”—Don Gillmor, author of Mount Pleasant

Paddle North: Adventure resilience and renewal in the arctic wild

Jennifer Kingsley is a writer whose background combines science and the arts. She is also a radio producer with over a decade of remote field experience as a guide and naturalist.

Jenny Kingsley is a writer

Greystone Books

Jennifer’s wilderness memoir will be published by Greystone Books in fall 2014 with support from the Canada Council for the Arts.

The Banff Centre

She was a writer at The Banff Centre’s Literary Journalism Program in 2010 and a radio producer for the centre in 2013.


She is represented by the literary agency Anne McDermid & Associates.

Speaker and educator

Jennifer is also an award-winning environmental educator and public speaker and has given hundreds of presentations.

Radio programming

Jennifer produces radio documentaries and segments for CBC programs including The Sunday Edition, Living Out Loud, Tapestry and In Town and Out.

Communications & PR

She has worked in communications and public relations for several organizations including CBC/Radio-Canada, Status of Women Canada and the Raincoast Conservation Foundation.


She has been a naturalist and guide for 3 of the top 4 adventure cruising companies in the world as named by National Geographic Adventure.

Remote field experience

Jennifer has extensive experience on expeditions and in remote field locations including Nunavut, Baffin Island, B.C.’s temperate rainforest and Greenland.